Thinking about an upgrade....................

That looks like what you have now. I thought you were looking at a 5th Wheel? :noidea:

This is a 5th wheel its about 5 feet longer with a slide and a little more room.

:thumb: The only difference I notice is the slide.

The slide is one. It's triple axle, 200 fresh water, 50 grey and 50 black. Mainly its the extra space in the belly with the small slide and the stability on the road of a 5th wheel with 3 axles.

Will the tow vehicle need an upgrade? At 15k GVWR aren't you a little beyond the typical 1 ton truck tow ratings?

I need to do a little more research on this but the other larger ones are WAY too heavy for my truck.

he's my rich cousin, he can afford it

Hey cuz, I need to borrow a little squish :lol:

Keep it up buddy and you WILL be in the dog carrier! :prof:

For such a large rig, grey and black tanks are small.:prof: Post pics of the inside.

If I knew how I would.