The what are you listening to thread

naw im good ... not my fav.. they sound to whinny to me. i just want to take them and shake the shit outta them yelling SNAP OUT OF IT you are a dam rock star FFS
naw as much as i dont like beibers style i actually have to give hi his props. Sure its poppy but at least hes not all bitching and complaining. the other thing about beiber is he does have talent even if its wasted on shitty music he does have talent. To top it off i still think its cool as hell that he "made" it because of a youtube video. Back in my day when i was into making music and doing my own thing having talent didnt mean shit. i know guys who have way more talent then most of the shit thats out there today. thing is back then you had to know someone to make it big. its still somewhat the same but not as extreme as it use to be.

i guess i hate listening to shit like beiber just as much but something about guys who put whinny lame singing over hard rock rifts jsut rubbs me the wrong way :noidea:

anyhow im on the opposite end of the spectrum today. listening to some hip hop. This stuff isnt like the shit you hear on the radio. Give a song or two a chance :thumb: