The what are you listening to thread

Carl Palmer (ELP)
Max Weinburg (E Street Band)
This is an odd entree however if you've ever seen them in concert...the drummer for Alabama (Mark ?) puts on a good show (did when I saw them)
There are so many that I don't know the names of...classic rock bands mainly...
My best friend and I had a conversation about the best drummers in rock and roll. As crazy at it was, we actually agreed on something.

You can't count the ones that are dead already. If you did, clearly, the best dead one is Buddy Rich. He was the guy that made rock and roll percussion and the one that all the other greats learned from!

Then you got Keith Moon from The Who and Bonum from Led Zep!

Awesome drummers! They made some serious tunes that the percussion made the hit, like Kashmir for Zep! Or any hit tune for The Who!

But we both agree that the best living dude that is still beating a drum is Neil Peart.

He's got two other guys playing in his band with him, but he is clearly the stand-out in terms of musicianship!

I would rate him in the top 3 ever of drummers.

If you don't know his band, it doesn't matter!

I have always paid good money just to WATCH this guy play drums.


Keep in mind though, drumming talent is incredible with these new drummers.