The Future of Gaming


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Can't wait till something like this becomes mainstream.

Skip to 2 min if you don't want to watch the boring stuff.

i remember seeing this when he first announced it.. still nothing that works with this tech tho :/

ive been a gamer for all my life and for a while there the reason why i got so out of shape :(.

i play on XBL and there is a new trend starting to happen that is not good at all. I rented the UFC 2010 game to play online with other people. Got it home and its asking me to enter some code to play online... WTF!!!!!. they put a code on the booklet or on a card in the game and you have to enter it to play online Or you have to buy a code. This really pisses me off. I already pay for my XBL membership to play online and now i cant rent a game and get all the features... :finger: