The best place for old dirt bike tires ever!

I was at a local wildlife foundation near my house that specializes in big cats, but has lots of other animals too. On my tour around the area I noticed that the big cats had dirt bike tires for toys and loved them. They chew them, toss them around the cage, sleep on them, and even dunk them in water. It was almost like a dog with his favorite toy.

After seeing this my next question was where did you get the tires. The response was that they were donated and they were in desperate need of more as tigers tear them up very quick. My response was when do you want them delivered. :lol: I went home and came back with ten of my worst tires I have been saving. The people were genuinely happy and very thankful for the support and I did not have to pay to get rid of my old tires. I even got a special tour of the place which I brought my girlfriend to.

So, I ask that you all look around near your houses and see if there is anywhere like this that you can donate your old tires for such a good cause. It will cost you nothing and you might find a cool place to the take the wife and kids for an afternoon tour.:prof:

Thanks in advance for any willing to take the time to find one near you!:thumb:
I never checked out that place you are talking about RM. :cry:
Very cool they could use the old tires.

I will for sure have to go to the wild animal park before the GF moves back up north. :thumb:


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Thanks awesome Rock, yeah I'm also saving my tires for that day when I find something cool to do with them.

BTW anybody else see the irony in this? :smirk:
Very cool Rock. I just put mine next door when he is not looking. He thinks the kid drags them over. Asked me if they were mine, I said possession is ownership.