The Bass Lake 250 07-10-2010 & 07-11-2010

Here are the pics I took on the Bass Lake 250. Had a great time. Rode with Mike In Fresno and Monkeywrench. I will let those two do the commentary. :D





























And that is the last picture I took on this ride. Two days and a total of about 206 miles :thumb:

Hopefully Mike and Monkey can add the commentary. I'm too tired :snore:
the bass lake 250 was a great ride. sat we rode about 135 miles. 80 miles in the submarine's motor locked up and mike's day was done. being that he was our fearless leader , and had the roll chart ktmrack was kinda voulenteered to be the new leader . but valkrider stepped up and said he would lead us on his trusty tw200! when we got back to camp we started to ponder on how we were going to find another bike to finish sundays ride. rack then decided that we could use yamadawgs bike since it had a headlight and taillight and resembled a street legal bike. on sunday our loop took us north from camp through fish camp and along the southern boundary of yosemite park. yamadawgs wr pulled mike around all day with no miles was around 206. i'm not much of a writer and was in the back most of the time but the pictures show a lot of the scenery and the places we saw. i'll let mike and rack chime in for the details:thumb:
The locations were great, the event was too as were the guys I rode and hung out with. Nat and I rode with Rack to his place Sat nite and got a shower and AC in the trailer for sleeping. That was COOL and nice of them. Thx for the Yamaha WR250 for Sun. It is pretty much stock and felt under powered and geared way too low, but it did the job and pulled my fat butt up the couple of bad spots with no trouble. I did drown out at the longest water crossing tho. I got within 10' of the far bank and it died. Wouldnt re-start. My boots filled with water. I pushed it out and then it magically re-started and was fine again. Me and creek crossings, MAN!!

The roll chart was something I had never used before. I caught on quik tho and it worked out. We never got lost, but we did overshoot a couple of turns and had to go back. Rack had never used his GPS to navigate so that was a lost cause. On Sun he had it loaded and set-up by another guy so when we were not sure by the roll chart he got the GPS out to confirm which way to go. My GPS didnt get charged when I plugged it in on Fri so it was down n out too.

We have the roll charts so we can duplicate the ride if'n it works out for us to go again. Got to have a dual sport tho since there is plenty of pavement.
:thumb: :clap: :rocker: :ride: and any other cool emoticon that i missed.

Your guys rides look really fun and i wish i could make it out with you all sooner then later.
Yeah it does. I lost my others in the water fall. The ones Ive been wearing are Scott Voltage. I really like them, no fogging and fit my face good. This is my wifes pair from her KX days and are still new so I nabbed em.


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:jawdrop: Ok how did I miss this thread? :bonk:

Any-who, damn looks like you guys had a lot of fun. This RR is making me :drool: more then usual right now. :foul:

Rack, you said that you, MW, and MIF went on this ride, right? Yet how were you able to get the shots with the 3 of you in it? Self-timer or....
wow, great pics, love the mud pit :smirk: Who was riding the TW200? is that any good offroad? never really heard anything about it offroad

Yup - Twas I on the Mighty TW200. I have to say that beside the couple problems with the Main Jet Clogging (New to me bike and the first trip on it) the bike did really well. It had the power to pull my 6'4", 250lb Lard A$$ up (and down) all the Hard Ways and made it through all the mud pits / water crossings. Riding that long and hard on a bike with about 4" or suspension does beat you up pretty bad through. And as I learned the hard way, the stock front tire Really Sucks!! In fact that one Pic of me standing next to the bike was the result of a front end washout while standing on the pegs doing about 25 mph. I slid nicely along the trail and got up quick enough to avoid the dreaded "Dirt Nap" picture!!

Can't wait to go ride this area again with my "Real" bike! :P

Here is a detailed (read LONG) ride report I put up on another site: