250F The 07 250.

So at the first ride of the season last weekend the hot start ended up stuck closed wich is a good thing if it's gonna get stuck.. Finally got around to it today.Man was it stuck. It worked fine last time I washed the bike when this thread was started. Man it was stuck. I ended up yanking the cable lose from the plunger and soaked it for quite some time and trying to get it out. Ended up breaking one of the plunger ears but finally got it out with a pair of needle nose. I have a PC cap but it still got stuck but of course it hasn't been opened up since it was put on 2 yrs ago. So it cost me a new plunger and some time. It really sucked for just being lazy and never greaseing it.I should just put a choke switch in the hole. The bike very rarely needs it.
Grease your hot starts once in awhile before they stick.

I hate this :banghead: I did this a few months ago and I ended up having to drill my plunger out, man I never want to do that again :lol: really you don't need a hot start if you trail ride, for fun anyway. I think they are made for mx more. I've seen people with choke plugs there and it doesn't look bad one less cable to lube :thumb:


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Damn that would suck, thankfully (knock on wood) it's never happen to me.

Grease your hot starts once in awhile before they stick.
Or at least hit the hot start lever every time you go riding, keep it loose. :thumb:
if you want to live and ride in the greatest land in the USA you have to have em. California has the best land but the worst government.
You guys do have some good riding areas but I don't know if I'd say greatest land in the USA. I will completely agree with you however that your socialistic state government sucks. :lol: I like going over there to ride occasionally but I'm glad I get to come back to AZ after its all said and done.
So yesterday I got all the bikes ready for T-Week new oil and clean filters. Frickin Honda airbox ruined a brand new out of the bag twin air filter all oiled up and rim greased. got stuck going in and Had a hard time getting it back out and tore it. Frickin Honda airboxes. When I was done I was kicking back in the Chair looking at the bikes. I was looking at the KXF 250 and the master link clip was looking real shinny and lose. I got up and walked over there and pulled it off with my fingers. Ouch. Avoided a huge disaster or a long tow on a rope. possible cracked case at worst.The Chain that is on there now has been on for atleast 180hrs and only had to adjust it a few times. Just had to replace the MC clip.Don't ask what chain cuz I'm not gonna tell and you Moto guys don't wanna know anyways.:P

Hot start is fixed.:ride: