Testin out my knee at Hungry Valley Gorman

a couple weeks ago I flew off my bike and tweaked my knee. last week the knee gave out and I flew off the bike again. I had a Snowy trail ride setup for yesterday, however had to back out because of the injury. I went to Hungry Valley Gorman with Randy to test out the knee. while waiting for the xray results...

Oh boy. I started feelin it last night. any desire to jump on the bike and go for a ride today is now gone. well , the desire is there. but it aint happenin.

Video clips of the day..

the wrong way riders..

slideshow of pics of the day.. http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/...Valley Gorman 11-12-2010/?albumview=slideshow
i thought you hurt your knee in the gayrage ? on a ladder :lol:
I felt it in the garage on a ladder. but I hurt is on the bike. or should I say, hurt it after flying off the bike. the funniest spelling of Garage was on a Grodge Sell sign in san diego.
So do they say your only allowd to go one direction? Looks like a sweet ride:thumb:
There are a few trails in the park marked ONE WAY. Even though these are wide enough for a mac truck, they are marked one way. You should be able to go balls out not needing to worry about fools coming towards you. I know, that's a pipe dream, as there are always a number of boneheads going the wrong way on these trails. there are big signs. the ones you would see on a freeway off ramp saying do not enter. and periodically reminder signs. The fools going the wrong way are either downright stoopid or disregard the signs because they feel like it. Jeez, I don't want them to ride in either case. just imagine what they do on the street. When on a one way, you get a false sense of safety and may take a turn differently than if it were a two way. I'm all for removing the signs, make them two ways, and then you would know it and possibly proceed with caution. but since they are well marked one ways, abide by them. else, get your butt kicked off the trail.