Fallen Terry Bonitz<3

Remember our late night Facebook conversations? Or how I'd distract you while you were at work? I sure do Terry! I know I never got to meet you in person and we did meet in TT but you are an amazing person and forever will be remembered!
Love yeah Terry!
R.I.P. Terry Bonitz March 27, 1982- April 2, 2010.
Thanks for posting this! I had only talked to him a few times, and he was a great guy. I ride with that sticker on my helmet and on my bike to keep him in memory. I'm so glad I got the chance to talk with him those times.

Hello my name is Tony Bonitz, Terry was 1 year older then me growing up! I. I always looked up to him, also tried to keep up with him Lola,Glad I came crossed this site and thank u for the love!! Terry was an awesome dude and I sure miss him ! We rode together since we were little kids! Terry passed away on 5/2/10 which is really crazy because thats my birthday ! Pretty crazy god chose that day!! Terry lived and loved riding I don't know many other people who are as dedicated as he was ! Cool site!!!!
5/2 is my birthday too. Shared it with one of my friends now gone (way too young like Terry). The greatest gifts we get are people worthy of being missed.