Wheels/Tires Teraflex tire.......

Well not to long ago i put a teraflex on my drz400. Thinking that it would never wear out and be nice for sand riding and hillclimbs I was wrong. The tire is bad. its WAY to wide for single track and hillclimbs, it made the bike have a sketchy feeling to it, The bike felt spooky on hard packed trails. The tire turned into a clutch eater on piru creek trail. When i finally got the thing off it was missing a part of every knob. These tires suck they are hard to put on and take off i would not suggest buying one.
A Teraflex is a steel belted knobby. You need some beans under you to utilize a tire like that. I ran one years ago on my KX500 for the Barstow to Vegas H&H and it was a great tire. You only run like 4psi in the thing and yes it is a wider tire. I had to trim the side knobs a little to keep it from tearing up my chain. I slammed a rock about 70 miles in just grabbing 5th gear and the back rim dinged so bad, you could run you finger all the way through to the rim to the other side. But since the tire is so hard and does not need any air, I ran the tire that way another 100 miles to the finish. The only time I use it. Yes, mounting that thing was not fun. I think mounting a tire to a rim with a Bib Moose tube was easier..