Teaching under privileged kids how to ride, feels good to give back.

Well, today was a great day :D. Went to Gorman, it was nice and warm all day. Started the day with 3 people, ended it teaching kids how to ride and showing off until the point of dirt nap :smirk: We got to Gorman around 10:00. 1st ride we took off down Pipe Line road, made a stop to climb the wall. Met some cool people at the top, they were eyeing the dba stickers on my front fender :D. After the wall we got back on Pipe Line road and kicked it into warp speed. After i got to Power Line road, i waited for my dad and friend to catch up. We took Power Line road to Masons Trail, and i took off yet again and found out how much torque my crf305r has. We got back on Power Line road and rode it until we got to Pronghorn. I said see ya :wave: and took off until i found someone to battle with. I was drag racing a ktm 300, until i hit a rock pulled a flying W and bent my front rim. He one... for now :devil: We all arrived back to camp within the next 10 minutes. The old farts took a break while i hit the whoops and the 4wd course :moon: I got caught and given a speech about how its reserved and im lucky to get off with a warning :rolleyes: :blah: I went back to camp, Re Hydrated. We came up with a plan and executed it, We took off from camp up Pipe Line road. I arrived at Power Line road about 3 minutes before the group, when they got there we took off until we got to Gorman motorcycle trail. We went up Gorman Motorcycle trail and got back on Power Line road, until we arrived at cow trail. We were stuck behing quad tards for the duration of Cow trail. We took a break and waited for that mess to clear out, got on Power Line road AGAIN and rode that to freeman trail. For those of you that dont know freeman is a 5th gear river bed type system of trails. I made it back to camp in 20 minutes from there, i was 10 miles out. :shocked: I saw a van with a trailer full of 100s roll up. I went over, asked the guy if i could pitch in and he said yes. The kids were from a boys and girls club type program that is based out of south central LA (from what i can gather) they picked up using the clutch pretty quick, so it was time for the oval. Being a pro am Flat tracker it was my chance to show off :P I was going to do 3 laps, i made it to 2 and then I highsided for them, I got up like it was all planned :smirk: After that, I was placed on dirt nap patrol. Following the kids around the track and helping them get there bikes going again. It was a great day overall :thumb: