Supporting Cancer Awareness

My wife and I are supporters of Cancer Awareness since we both lost our Moms to it and my Dad had prostrate cancer that was removed. I am also a fan of Supercross going Pink in support of Cancer Awareness and that a lot of the riders and industries will donate some of their pink gear that they wore in the race at A2 to be auctioned on E-Bay with all proceeds going to help Cancer research.

So I did my part and added this little gem to my collection. It showed up at the house yesterday..:banana:


Here is a shot of it in action during practice.

This should match the TTR graphics nicely....:thumb:


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:thumb: Dude that's awesome, you going to wear it or stick it in the trophy case?

You know I never really get hyped up over old pro rider gear and stuff like that. However I did miss out on an insane opportunity (in my eyes) and I've been pissed at myself from that day on. Basically what happened was that Leatt donated Dungey, Conard, and Short's Leatt braces to the RiderDown Foundation to auction off. You're probably thinking yeah so what? Well these were the ones that were worn during MXoN here in the USA and still had the dirt and grim on them. But the real kicker is that they went for about the same price as they do new. :foul: :bonk: :rant: :mmph: