Sup guys!

Welcome to DBA!!!:banana: I too :ride: a Zook:thumb: nice choice of bike.:smirk:

WARNING! parental guidance is advised on this site.:devil:

Roost for you working on your own bike. I make my 10yo change his oil and filters on his bike. Good maintenance skills are a necessity if you own a bike.
sup dude you sound like my long lost brother, both on zooks, do our own work, like the same music, the only thing is im poor and dont have my own track
Well, my name is Tom. I'm a die-hard Suzuki fan. I ride a 2006 Suzuki RM85L, and it's got a FMF Fatty pipe, Moose racing barpad/Moose bark busters, and a FMF Shorty silencer. I'm also a die-hard 2-stroke dude. I can rebuild a top-end, swap bars, change fluids, you know, all the stuff a 13 yearold kid like me should be able to do. I love getting my hands dirty on my bikes, and I always do work myself. I listen to death-metal music, and some rock. I ride at my families Plaza, we own a very large business, and we have about 2 miles of trails back there, and they're just like a harescramble track 30 mins from my house all to myself, I love it! Also, I hate Honda's. They are my sworn enemy! Hope you guys like my company here! :banana:

Welcome Grimmie. sorry you've been beaten so many times by a Honda.:smirk: Leave the death metal alone :smirk: good to see a 13 yr old who works on his bike:thumb: and you have to post if you want our company.:wave: