Cheater! :smirk: using the youth season :naughty: won't be long and "youth season" will be long gone. Better find yourself a young cousin to hunt with in a few years to extend your youth season:devil:
Yeah :D Hey can someone hunt with you thats an adult during youth season? I didn't think so...

The way it works here in KY, is that you can hunt youth season till your 16 yo. You have to have an adult with you close enough to be able to take immediate possession of the weapon. That adult does not have to have a hunting license and is not allowed to carry a firearm or hunt. Only exception to the firearm is as long as the adult has a "concealed weapons" permit, they can carry a concealed gun while the youth is hunting.
Well heres how it went, i was out from 2:30 to mabey 6 (only like 3 hours in the tree stand) but the conditions sucked. Full moon, hot weather and wind -__-. I saw 1 doe the whole time but the shot was to riskey to take, so i let her slide. But this dosen't mean im done for the season, im going back out a couple times!