Sunday Sunday Sunday !

Johnson's Valley. Means lake bed to Pappi & Haritts. My friends for this ride are Chris and Rhino Roof.

Stageing at Means.

Caught Rhino in his Skivies.

Most people I've seen all year out there.

So we leave the truck and go past the sand Dunes towards the 247.

The pole and my marker to the trail that will hit RS.

A short little Pic stop.

First pit stop and a couple of refreshments.:thumb:

I didn't take anymore pics after lunch. After P & H 's we stopped at big rock for a short break and then back to the truck. 72 miles and a nice loop.:ride::thumb:

Looks like a great ride! :thumb: What was the temp out there? I like those Fred Flintstone trees ya got out there...Joshua trees, right?
Thanks for looking everyone.It's a pain in the ass for me to do Reports.I don't know if it's this site or my PC but on this report it dumped my replys like four times after i had the pictures inserted.Would of had a little more story line but I was afraid of them dumping it.Then it takes like 10 minutes for my PC to reboot. I was pissed! Almost went and got MC Hammer.:smashpc: