IN Stolen Rm85 from Northwest indiana

Ok, so my kx's weren't stolen.. but had my rm85 stolen.. If anyone from northwest indiana, southwest michigan chicago area sees a 2005 rm 85 with tony stewert and bass pro graphics let me know.. These graphics are custom on offs that only a few people have.. They were eric saunders old graphics my bike and I believe only the two bikes eric owned had them.. Please email me immediatly The bike was taken from my property in La Porte indiana about 5 miles north of Motoland. Thanks My names Adam

as far as my kx's the thiefs cut the lock to my trailer & were in my trailer and left the 07 and 2011 there but took the darn rm85 What idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arg I wanna kill them badly.!




I really feel sorry if I ever catch a thief, he will pay for everything down to my tonka toy when I was 5. :devil:
No cops involved because the desert is a big area to get lost in. :prof: