Stolen Bike - 1915 Indian w/ Sidecar

Just got the bad news from my friend Jenny, her dad's (Fred) bike was stolen this weekend out of a trailer parked in the lot at his shop.

Its a 1915 twin cylinder indian with a matching sidecar in indian red
The motor number is 82G805
The license plate number is 18K0880
The registration is current
There are about 10 of these bikes to be known in existence and even fewer with the matching sidecar

It was stolen in San Marcos CA.

Please PM me if you have any information or contact me directly:

It looks like this: (Not Fred's actual bike, but this is the model)



This bike is beautiful. If your friends is anything like this one that is a crappy deal. :foul: I think it sounds like someone knew it was in the trailer and waiting for the right opportunity, I am hoping it was in a closed trailer. I hope it was insured. This bike is not something easily sold on the market which makes me think inside job of some sort. :thinking:
wow... i hate to say this but whoever stole that bike is prolly smart enough to not sell it straight out ... atleast not in America... the bike is either being stripped down for parts :cry: or already on its way out of the country.

Its a damm shame that is such a awesome bike. :foul: thiefs
Wow, what a terrible story, sorry to hear. Had to be someone who either knew these people, worked with them/for them at some point, or a contractor that worked at their home who knew when they home and where it was stored, very sad. If someone hasn't already, I'd put this on FB for exposure, and ask people to copy and paste to their profiles and spread the word around. Word travels fast, and FB goes worldwide. Long shot or not, definitely worth a try for something irreplaceable like this. Wish these people the best.
Hey Strega - saw your thread today over on that other site and commented. That bike is straight-up gorgeous. I suspect that bike will be found either straight away if the thieves don't know what they stole or, it won't see daylight for years if stolen by pros. In any event, sure wish we had the old "horse thief rules" of the wild west. Really hope it's recovered soon. :thumb:
That really sucks. I would feel so shitty loosing something like that but I would have had top dollar collectors insurance on it for sure. Probably will end up in a private collectors warehouses never to be driven or seen again. Sorry man, I hope they were smart enough to have it insured.