Stoddard Wells Saturday Trip

At the last minute I decided to take the trip up to Stoddard and visit WINGNUT and his crew as I had no one to go riding with this weekend. It rained Friday night at home and in the morning it was cold and again rainy. It rained most of the trip up the 15 but I knew once I get to a certain point I would break through the clouds and into the desert sky. I was right, sort of, as it was cold, windy and cloudy but no rain and the riding weather was fine. I took one loop by myself and later another loop with some of the gang and clocked on 60 miles for the day. Lot's of riding there but my only dislike is the amount of rocks, rocks everywhere you go. Marble size, ping pong ball size, soft ball size up to bowling ball size. Some are round and some are as sharp as razors. One thing for sure, you don't take your eyes off of the trail when you are moving along. :naughty: Of course, this day I had no camera with me but perhaps someone will post up a couple of pictures for the rest of you guys and gals to see.