All Spangler for Memorial.

Long story but she likes to roll in Human ass.If you get the point!:P Tim found this out the easy way.:lol:
:lol::lol::lol: I remember this now. Nobody wanted to get near her. How did you finally get her home to wash her without getting it all over everything?
I think i drank it already......

What road crossing does your buddy live by...Joshua Tree and Half Mile or Star Bright or ??? I know we've been by there a number of times...there's one guy that hs an old buggy out front with a dummy in the seat (I think)

His place is ON Joshua Tree 1 road E of Last Mile. Not the dude with the buggys in front. 1 block (if ya call them that) SE .

51470 Joshua Tree,-116.541413&spn=0.004101,0.006866&t=h&z=17