PA South Central PA

Looks like you need some stickers for the
site so you can post them everywhere in PA and get some of your neighbors in here.:prof:
Trying to catch up on things around the forum here. Ive been AWOL for a little while but glad to see I'm not the only pa-er in here lol. I'm right outside of Altoona in Bellwood if anyone is familiar with the area. I have a 9 mile hs practice loop that's going to need some serious trail maintanence come spring AHEM lol...
Milk! Glad to hear from you again! :wave: We thought you were sharing a cell with Red Rhyno in the TTT and FB prison!

Is Witdog still the prison bitch? Do tell!

PM me and say "Hi!" here! :thumb:
Couldn't tell ya bro. Haven't been to TTT for longer than I haven't been here. And I don't talk to Ernie much on fb really. Just the occasional random jabs back and forth mostly. Myself ive just been trying to keep what little bit of sanity I have left. Things have been pretty shitty. Still working and all and the jobs going great but now my daughters wonderful mother is getting pretty much half my paycheck in child support while she sits around doing absolutely nothing with her life to benefit either herself or my daughter. C'est la vie. Every dog has its day I reckon. Just waiting for mine :noidea:

Anyway!!! Lol, some other news pertaining to this post, the pa state harescramble championship series posted their schedule for 2011 and my neighboring town, Altoona is listed :shocked: I can't quite figure out where they're going to have a race in that part of the county though. Its mostly all city. And it's a gncc event to boot! I'm definitely racing it even though it's not my current series and the points won't mean a thing but I just want to spank any of the locals that might race it and think they have a shot lol :P
Hey Milk - good to hear from you. :thumb: Keep us posted on how things are going. Always remember - good people land on their feet. Sometimes it just feels like a bit of a grind. :cheers:

P.S. - Is it your birthday.....again? :lol:
I might land on my feet but its one hell of a fall :shocked: thanks though. I have a phon conference with my attorney this Thursday so we'll see what can be done about a few things. I just found out this past Thursday that on top of this call track program(its suppose to take place of me driving out to the courthouse every month to see a po since they took my license) that my po still wants me to go out and see him! I already paid for the damn call track so what's the point?!? I har hard enough time finding a way to work and back let alone this crap. But they expect at the drop of a hat to just be able to magically appear wherever they want me to be. Our system is seriously forked up:rant:

I just can't wait till spring then I can get back to riding and racing and blow off some steam.