so... thats how it is

Not to be a dick - but suck it up dude. It sounds like you got a pretty sweet deal having someone let you ride / use / thrash their bike for awhile. Unless you poured tons of $$ into it, I'd offset the $ you did put into it with the wear & tear.

If you really need a job, join a Civilian Conservation Corp, the Military, etc... while you're young enough to do it and don't have a family to support & mortgage to pay.

There's a lot of people on this board that would kill to be 18 again :thumb:

I agree, the "sweet deal" you were given...a bike to use, crash, thrash fix and ride again, etc...even IF you poured $$$ into it to keep it running it wasn't truely yours to begin with! On the flip side, the only reason to join the military is if you really want to fight for our country NOT just because you had no where else to go. Just my opinion...Plus, you're young, get out there and pounding the pavement (door to door), I'll bet you can find something those high paid RV people wouldn't consider taking on! Keep your head up! :thumb:
Dude if you can take anything from this, you should be thanking his dad for giving you the bike for the short time and exposing you to this sport. If you claim you cannot get a bike for 4-6 years (***BS***) and you never had this opportunity now, you might not be riding then. I did a quick scan of the Indianapolis area on Craig List and found a crap load of 2 stroke 250's from the late 90's to early 00's for $1500 or less. Check this one out. it is newer than the one you currently had and looks pretty clean. He is asking $1050 and I bet if you walk up to him with $800 cash, it would be in your garage.

Not to be an ass, but since I'm a dad and that is our job, you can scrape up $800 dollars pretty quick. Short Story; My friends 15 year old daughter rides a quad (I know they suck) and I have a TTR125 that last time we were out I let her ride it once!!!! She end up riding it everyday for the 5 days we were out there. She wants one so bad now. Her Dad said to save your money for next season so she could buy one. She started washing cars in the neighborhood and collecting cans for recycling. That was in April when she rode and she now has almost $1000 from doing odds and ins around her house and neighbors and the recycle.

So if you want to ride bad enough then you will find a way to scrap up some dough. Sounds like you had money to dump into the bike before so where did that come from?

Dad rant over.....Back to the lawn chair

I couldn't have said it better myself! :thumb: My youngest daughter went around the neighborhood trying to get a job being a super dooper pooper scooper (pickin up horse crap)...only 1 taker thus far! :thumb:


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Hawk, not sure if these were the responses that you were looking for, but sometimes the truth hurts. :hug:

Check out craigslist

Here's a couple:

On the flip side, the only reason to join the military is if you really want to fight for our country NOT just because you had no where else to go.
:thumb: I strongly agree here, DON'T join the military for the wrong reasons.
I have a 2008 KLX 140 that I will sell you :smirk:
:prof: But not until after T-Day. :devil:
I've known 2 types of people that have joined the military and I'd say only 25% were actually gung-ho military types, the others lacked direction and drive. The military gave it to them.

I never fit into either category, so I never joined.

I was a member of the CCC for a year: "hard work, miserable conditions & low pay" was their motto - We only made beer money, but we were young and that's all we needed :thumb:
You should have had a agreement on paper signed by the both of you. Then there is no way he could have backed out. But there is nothing you can do now but move on and learn from this.
If you didn't let him buy it for you in the first place, you wouldn't be in this situation.

Perhaps next time buy your own, or get one financed and you'll still wake up in the morning with a bike to ride. :thinking:

No problem, I will be too busy riding everybody's bikes to see how these trials tires work in the desert. :thumb:

I'll be mounting a trials on this for TG. Do you have a set of PJ's that would go?:P