Smoking a clutch/Ruining a clutch or what ever

Guys I constantly hear people say they smoked the clutch on there bikes, or burned it, etc

One what are they doing to it?
Two how do you burn the clutch up or smoke it?
What does the bike act like when you do it?
On extremely technical trails you can't even ride in first. You have to slip the clutch to get going. Well slipping the clutch dumps tremendous heat into the clutch plates. Do it too much and they literally burn. On a cable clutch the free play increases as the plates swell from the heat. On my bike I will smell it as the vapors get out the crankcase breather. If you keep it up it only takes a little more and you destroy the fiber plates. Then you are stuck with no connection between the engine and the transmission.

I've never got stuck from it because I notice the signs and stop so the engine can cool.

Hydraulic clutches mask the plate swelling free play increase.
Heres one I cooked, nitrous plus shitty weak EBC springs takes a toll....

I was in the dunes right at the top when I completely lost all drive, I thought I sheared a shaft in the trans.





It stunk up my shed for about a week when I pulled the cover.