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Men, Trannies and 100% beef ...OH MY! :lol:......:devil:........:naughty:
Not just any beef. A true motocross rider's beef, roost beef! :thumb::smirk:
Marinate that beef in some freshly sprayed roost. :drool:
LMAO nice google searches LOL

BTW You trying to find me on Google or something? :smirk:
Yup! I knew I'd find you if I searched "James likes men". :P
LMFAO :lol: porn on a cob, James likes men, Trailerpark Trannies. :lol: You need help!
:thinking: I'm just curious if that was intentional or if he'd forgotten about it and is now trying to cover it up. :smirk:
And those were the cleanest ones I could think of.:smirk:

:lol: Y'all will never know. :devil:
There is a cool feature that you can use to "HIDE THE TOOL BAR".....:prof: Just saying....:P