Show us Your Trucks!





There ya go
:prof: i say go for a 454 or a diesel and d60s :smirk:
60's? Maybe one day. 454 or an oil burner no. Jeeps get jeep motors.

I think you may need to cut the fenders:lol:

It's on the to-do list. There is plenty to cut without getting into the inner fenders.

Do you have emissions there? If not... Knock all that emissions crap off, cam,long tubes,some head work,carb it... And call it a day... If short block feels good... I wouldn't touch it. They are bullet proof. Save your money and get a built trans.

It burns oil like like my rm, and there are plenty of issues with oiling on the AMC motors. Pretty much everything is forged though because AMC didn't know how to do it any other way.

Why carb? Any form of EFI should outdo a carb economy wise.
The Subaru is for economy, not the jeep.

Sorry i don't talk "economy wise" .... Cheap unadulterated horsepower is my lingo..... Carb...HEI distributor.... And :Drive:

This part. EFI may come later on, but only for more ponies.




My f250.. :D ... My old 95gmc ... Wasnt mine in the picture.. Buddy blew the clutch out of it .. And i bought it 3 days later :wink: ... I've since sold (gave) it to another freind of mine. (Pulled the GMC home with a cable come along for 20 miles... Through some mud and whatnot lol)