Shout out for James

Hey Fellers - just thinking we should congratulate James on reaching 500 members! We know you put a ton of effort into this site and we all enjoy hanging out here so here's to the next 500 James! :cheers:
Remember our "code" we had between you and I and AJfreeze in the TTT days? :lol: That rocked!

Congrats dude!

This place rocks! huh?

Major Kudos to you! :thumb:
James you do kick some major ass for putting this stuff together and I really appreciate having such a cool forum to go to. I like the fact that we are small but are the coolest people out there as far as forums go and have such a cool family feel. It seems we all know each other in one way or another and a lot of great rides and friendships have been made because of your efforts to make a great forum. I'm glad that you got to meet a lot of us on the DBA ride and am sorry I missed my opportunity to meet you. Thanks again for making a great place to be and share.:wave:
Before everyone gets thier panties in a wad. I was joking.

James... You have done and continue to do a great job. It is very refreshing to be able to have fun again on a dirtbike forum. You have a great site and with some great folks for members.


Staff member
Thanks guys :hug:, but the title should actually be "shout out to all DBA members". This place wouldn't be anything without all you great guys (with a few exceptions :P). That and I also have to give a shout out to all these guys, thanks. :thumb:

As you've all probably noticed, there have been some recent changes in the forum software/layout. So hopefully by adding some great content we'll reach the next 500 even faster. :ride:

Oh and as a special offer for us reaching 500 members, FREE T-SHIRTS FOR EVERYONE*

*Must pay $20 for shipping and only one shirt per order. (damn you Jackson :smirk:)

This place sucks... Hey someone had to say it.:P
:moon: You suck, Mr. who has the most informative ride reports. :smirk: :lol:
"G Man" for 500? Really?:thinking:
:noidea: After I was told about it, I thought it was a awesome idea. :thumb: Cool number, cool kid. :P