Should I do it?


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We can't tell you what to post elsewhere on the internet, so its up to you. But please don't show us in a bad light.

From what others have told me is that threads created just to promote another forum get deleted pretty quickly (with good reason may I add). However some users will post links to DBA on other sites if it's relevant information. Or reply to existing threads on this topic with a quick "Hey check this out".
James, thats pretty bitchy of you :P

But you gotta admit that people not getting their, there, theyre, and your / youre is alot more annoying than missing the apostrophe.
I let my subscription to TTT expire."Buckrun" had a good run on there but it will soon evaporate, I enjoyed it while it lasted and it was the impetus for this site: AJ/James/Buckrun, no?

Good for all of us! :cheers: