250F shims or valves?

hi guys, i have an 02' yz250f and i decided to check the valve clearances as it was running poorly what I found wasn't quite what I would've liked, my intake clearances were either 0.01mm or touching and my exhaust clearances were at 0.10mm. i pulled the shims and by my calculations for the intake i would need a 1.55mm and 2x 1.65mm shims and for the exhaust i would need 2x 1.75mm shims. what do you guys think should i pull the head and do valves or just shim them keep on running it but keep checking in on it to make sure the clearances arent changing further


Staff member
Yeah, you can shim down to the thinnest ones available. But, I would be checking more frequently after that.
Once you are getting down to the limit of shim thicknesses available, it's time to think about a new head seats and valves.
-BIG DAN:thumb: