Shifting your weight on your bike!

Since we are talking riding styles, I was looking through my photos looking at how guys are shifting there weight, where there feet where, etc and thought I would share some. Look how the bodies are in relationship to the bikes. These pictures were shot at a 100 mile desert race. Though they all made it some were definitly under better control.

These guys were the Pro Class

These are the non pro. Keep in mind this point is at about 95 miles into the race.

Okay now this is a steep hill full of nasty little rocks and a few ruts that everyone had to come down after about 50 miles.

Across the Flat!

You'll find that after time the only way a bike will react is by balancing it a certain way. Trying to turn without leaning is next to impossible therefore you need to balance it to a degree as shown of the one guy # 84...his body appears to be up and down but his bike is leaning into the turn allowing him to taje the turn a little faster. As for coming down hill, # 15s and 22 seem to be in the best position...a little back to keep the front a little light but leaning forwards to keep it from coming up.
I can see just fine. :popcorn: and # 84 does seem to be on top of things:ride:

2nd picture of #8v (and maybe the 1st) is a little over the bars but the slope isn't as steep as the others...I wouldn't be that far forward if it were steep like with #84