Amatuer San Jose Indoor 2011


I wonder what were looking at?


Hey Dana What's up?


Dana on the electric bike. Zero X had one and A&A racing had 2. I was talkiing with Slammin Sammy Halbert and he said that they couldnt get it to work



we bring an all new meaning to the phrase "get low"

Well, this past friday and saturday was San Jose Indoor Cement Short Track. There was 4 classes the 1st day. Legends Vintage A and B. A being the guys that rode San Jose in the 60's and B that rode San Jose in the 70's. 100 mod, modified 100s, and lastly 250 jr invational, the GNC riders of tomorrow. The 250 class riders were, John Tinsley, Scott Hampton JR, Andrew Luker, Briar Bauman, Bronson Bauman, Austin Scaggs, and Damon Coca. The Second night there were 4 classes. 150/230, Vintage, 250, and Pro. Some of the fastest riders in the country were there. Some of thoes riders include but are not limited to, Jared Mees, Briar Bauman, Slammin Sammy Halbert, Local Ventura rider Kayl Kolkman, Alex Wood, Jimmy Wood, and Jethro Halbert.