Pro San Diego super cross.

I got my SD super cross tickets. Pr1mal flies in on Thursday before. I got them at Fun Bike center and man are they romodeling. I think they bought some property next door and knocked down some walls. This place is huge and is pretty close if not darn near as big as chaparral. I wonder if their parts counter is as good and has as much in stock. I doubt it. Any way it's gonna be fun with Pr1mal here he comes out every year. He mentioned to me about going to Track day with James Stewart on Sunday at Milestone. Not my bag of Tea but we'll see. I know he wants to go to PC and all so to their practice track. It's gonna be fun and I'll post some race pics and Monster chicks if I go in the pits.I have passes but will probably watch practice instead. Bring a monster can for free pit pass. Who's going ?
yea im getting close on being able to start the rebuild on my bike... its cool riding your 350 but i miss my 525

we gotta get together when i have MY bike :smirk:
I went last year or the year before. :thinking: Great Valentine's day. :lol::thumb:
Would be going but my GF has a bunch of internship crap to get finished with, so I am going down at the end of the month instead.
It was cold and wet,the skank was "Hot" and the beers were flowing.In other words the races sucked.There was alot of tramps(a good thing) and drunk idiots and it rained off and on the whole night and the wind was blowing.In my opinion the outcome of the 450's sucked too. I should of stayed out in ocotillo and rode more but that was a mud fest too.:rant: :lol: :moon: