SALEEE Scaryy fast products


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yeaa man i really noticed the bottom end power difference. it came on alot stronger. I was suprised to notice anything but I would deff recommend.:thumb: :ride:
:thumb: Good to know.

I wouldn't mind trying it out for $hits & giggles, but it's a little pricey for my blood.
yeaaa i was wantin to try them and i just happen to look on there site and see there 50% off sale. so i fot one and a new accelerator pump and I was impressed.
I personally havent used any of there products. Mostly because they dont make anything for my Year Make Model. However I do know some folks that have used them. Like the carb wing that goes in on the intake side of the carb. Ive been told that it makes a difference. Other than that I have no other knowledge about there products. Id imagine that if there stuff didnt work they would be out of business by now. But it seems to me that they have been around for quite some time now.