RR - LPNF - 12/12/2010

14 of us took a ride up into the LPNF on Sunday. Tested out my KTM 530 EXC. alot heavier than the Honda, but awesome power. We staged at Edison. Headed up Sterling to Tejon. on Tejon one of the most experienced of the group clipped a tree and flew down the side of the cliff. We had plenty of guys to help him back on trail. After that was behind us, we continued to Arrastra. Once everyone made it there, We regrouped and headed Up Arrastra. Much nicer than I remembered it. and lot easier going up this time than it was last summer. We took a short break at the fence at the top. Whata here we come, I told everyone to just keep, left, left, left at all transitions. We made it across the top, through some snow, mud, and such, to the trailhead of Whata. The top with the trees reminds me of the Ewoc jungle. LOLOL. once all made it there, we headed down Whata to Tejon. after the dip through the trees, one in our group hit a rock and flew down the side. again, plenty of manpower to get his bike up. We took Tejon to Long Dave and down to the creek. up lockwood around a couple of vehicles to the yellowjacket valley. The four fastest riders in our group separated from us as one needed to head back. Leaving us with 10. We took a break in preparation for the climb up Lockwood. Going up lockwood was a piece of cake. the dirt was awesome, traction. I remember a few months back, it was a cluster going up the hill. but not this time. Everyone made it with ease. coming down lockwood into piru creek trailhead, my knee finally was stressed to a point I couldn't put pressure on it. made for a not so fun decent. also made for a slow trek through Piru. pain and all, it was a blast. one in our group tipped over in the creek crossing, submerging his bike. after about 30 minutes of draining the water from the pipe, ringing the filter, and a million kick starts, his bike came alive. we continued. I love that trail. rocks, sand, water crossing, exposure and all. We made it back to the trucks a little later than expected, approx 3pm. not bad for the pace we ran, the group size we had, and the incidents we encountered.

It was a great day.

slideshow of pics... http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u303/msgtretired/LPNF - 12-12-2010/?albumview=slideshow

Pics .. http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u303/msgtretired/LPNF - 12-12-2010/?start=all


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Do you get to ride enough Ron? Seems like your reports are coming at 12 hour intervals now, instead of weekly.... :smirk: Thanks for sharing!!! -BIG DAN:thumb:
LOL.. rode two days this weekend. I setup the killer ride for Sunday and thn got called for a private ride for saturday as well. being a dirt bike addict and went on both.

what an awesome weekend of riding. now i need to stay off the dirt next weekend to let my knee heal. it's gonna kill me, but i may just putt around the canyon and such on the KTM