RR - A fun 33 mile New Years Morning ride at Rowher Flats

Seven of us did a fun 33 mile morning run in a slightly muddy Rowher Flats on New Years. The weather was great. started off a bit chilly, but it warmed up quite nicely. Four of us met in the Bouquet trail head, Steve, Graham, Joe, Ron. invited a solo rider, John, we met at the trailhead to join us. once up top, Roger and Frank met up with us. These guys were ready to ride. as usual, Joe and I took up the rear. The trail conditions were great, just a snotty mud puddle or two to navigate and catch you off guard. I'm lovin the wet conditions.

Slideshow ==> http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u303/msgtretired/Rowher%20Flats%20-%20%2001-01-2011/?albumview=slideshow


That looks like a lot of fun and the weather looked awesome! Thanks for sharing! Where I rode was so cold it froze my GoPro buttons solid so no video from my ride!