RR - 12/26/2010 - Cal City - Rand Mountain Ride

We had a fun ride. some nice trails in the Rand mountains. we did 65 miles on some fun single tracks. There was eight of us, started off with nine, but Arrowsigns cracked his case at the kicker in the parking lot. so eight of us went for a fun ride. (randy450r, realfun1, krannie, Matt, huskyjack, schmo, SteveO yz450, msgtretired). we had some nice climbs, fun descents, even a roll or two. Hope to do it again soon.


(Left to right .. schmo, realfun1, Matt, SteveO yz450, krannie, randy450r, msgtretired, huskyjack) Taken at Government Peak, near towers, looking North towards Garlock.

a few pics --> http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u303/msgtretired/Cal City - 12-26-2010/

Slideshow--> http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u303/msgtretired/Cal City - 12-26-2010/?albumview=slideshow

LOL.. after watching two of the guys walk their bikes down near there, I got cocky and said to myself, Why, looks easy. so I rode it down. well, until it bucked me off. the front tire sunk into a rut hit a rock, bit and threw me off. all in pretty much sloooooow motion.

I'm gonna buy a bigger tank soas I don't need to carry extra fuel bottle. and I will trim down the pack abit. may not carry the oil anymore, looks like the oil consumption issue is fixed. also carry too many tools..

also.. the suspension wasn't set right.