Controls Rox Bar Risers

Recently i bought a pair of ROX bar risers and i love them. im a tall guy around 6'4 and i was sick of being hunched over through out a desert race or enduro. I would watch my height challenged friends stand in a perfect athletic position while I looked like a gorilla on a pogo stick!! so i raised the bars way up, i allready had a tall seat, and im thinking of lowering the footpegs. The risers take a little while to get used to and at first they felt a little weird to turn with. Now that im used to them though my bike feels great. I have noticed that i get much less fatigued in a race now that my bike is set up for me. if your a sasquatch like me give em a shot i highly doubt you'll be sorry.
All in all these risers get three tumbs up of dirtjunkie approval :thumb::thumb::thumb: