Rowher Flats (Texas Canyon) - a good paced 30 mile morning ride - two of us.

Had a blast. Good weather, a little bit of dust. 30 mile good paced loop with Roggiedog.

We went up the bouquet trail to Sierra Petona. ran across the ridge taking the technical and fun side shoots over to Roweher trail. headed down Rowher to the Sierra trail. across the Sierra trail to Lookout. down lookout to the Ridge trail. down the switchbacks and across the Ridge trail to Fall. down fall to break, down break to break II, down break II tp Texas canyon to Texas trail, across the fire road, in to stagin area 1, took the spring trail, hit the stag trail to lookout, down lookout to the road, Knob loop to rowher loop, up Rowher, across the sierra polona taking the side shoots again, then down the bouquet trail to the trucks.






I will scan, edit, and post pics and vids.
Rowher Flats (Texas Canyon) videos
Roggiedog (Roger) and msgtretired (Ron) take a morning ride. 30 Mile loop, in and out before lunchtime. An outstanding ride.

1. Up the Bouquet trail.
This trail heads up to the Sierra Pelona ridge from the Bouquet road trailhead. A little dusty, sun in the eyes. a fun start to the ride.

2. Across the Sierra Pelona Ridge.
We took the semi technical off-shoots that follow the fireroad. Some are washed out, rutted and rocky climbs. Makes it a fun dirtbike ride rather than a cruise on a fireroad.

3. Sierra trail.
This is a ridge trail that connects The Rowher and Lookout trails. anice and flowing trail.

4. Ridge trail.
This is one of two trails that connect the Lookout and fall trails. this trail has switchbacks and intersects with the sierra bypass trail. I would rather go up the switchbacks than down. today, we went down the switchbacks. This trail has a canyon we call KungFu canyon. where a few months back, one of my buddies hit a rock on the trail and launched 50 feet down the side. He's OK, but hasn't been back since.

5. Down Fall and Break trails.
These trails bring us down from the Ridge trail to the texas canyon trail. It is a somewhat steep and washout trail. Like the ride, i would rather climb it than descend. today, we went down it, lol. Nice views.

6. Down Texas Canyon trail.
This trail connects the fall/break trails to texas canyon fire road. a fun flowing trail that goes down and up through some rolling hills and mini canyons.

7. Across the Texas Trail.
This trail goes across the side of the hill, south east of the texas canyon fireroad. a fun flowing trail with a few drop offs.

8. Texas canyon Fire Road.
This is a fireroad that intersects with the road that heads up the hill and the main stagin area. It's well traveled by vehicles, atvs, and bikes. be careful. this is shot between the Texas trail and the spring trail. took the small trail that enters into stagin area 1.

9. Spring trail.
This is a nice flowing trail that connects stagin area 1 with stagin area 3. runs across the valley south east of the OHV.

10. Stage trail.
This trail connects stagin area 2 with lookout. this video starts at the exit of Spring trail, continued to stagin area 2, through the stage trail, down the lookout connector, and back to stagin area 2 via the fireroad.

11. Knob and Rowher loops.
These trails connect stagin area 2 with the Rowher trail. Nice flowing trails that circle the canyon on the way up to the Rowher trail.

12. Up the Rowher trail.
This is a jeep trail that connects the bottom of Rowher Flats with the top of the Sierra Pelona ridge. a nice semi technical climb. You could see a jeep, truck or two climbing this trail. I like getting a bit of air when climbing.

13. Back across the Sierra Pelona ridge.
The ridge fire road atop the mountain with semi technical off shoots. from Rowher trail to the bouquet trail.

14. Down the Bouquet trail.
Back down the trail at the end of our riding adventure. this trail connects the Sierra Pelona ridge with the Bouquet road trail head. a nice flowing downhill. just be careful with traffic coming up the hill.
Good stuff Ron. How does this compare with LPNF?:thinking:

It's a little different. more rocky and smaller than the LPNF. Most of the trails are wider ATV trails, however, there are a few jeep trails too. It's good for a change up. and could be quite fun. I have ridden there solo a few times, whereas I wouldn't in the LPNF, except for the time I went back for my phone.