Riding Pics to not be forgotten.Share yours!

how 'bout a couple more







Sun, about those tires: they're Pirelli Scorpions, and I don't recommend them. They do grip well in the rain as Pirelli claim (supposedly due to high silica content), but everywhere else they're mediocre. They just about maimed me at the track several times, but if you're into doing huge unintentional slides they're great!

I'm back to running Pirelli Diablos now (because I had some laying around) and they have excellent grip. Next tires for the tard will probably be some Pilots- I like the French rubber, and they seem to last for crazy miles. :thumb:
My Favorite! 2009 at the World Famous Unadilla National.

I wish Lucas would have raced that weekend and so does he..... lol. The air is always electric at Unadilla... to Quote my son," Unadilla is like Disney without the rides and the air smells like race fuel. I love this place and everything about it.... Can I get you another beer dad?"
Tato and Luke Unadilla 09.jpg
^^^ :shocked:

While I cannot top Rack's recent submission. I came across some old pics.

My son when he was on a TTR125LE. I think this was back in 2006. Not sure.


Me... Please understand I was all over the rev limiter in first gear to get the speed I needed to catch what little bit of air I did. Look close people. You can see daylight between my tires and the ground. :P I think this was in 2007.

Aren't all rides virtual? Who am I to say what's real and what's in our mind? Who is to say that all we know, all our existance, our whole universe is merely a speck of dirt under the fingernail of a giant in another dimension?

Oh, you think that AK47 is real? No, it's one of those airsoft guns. Only criminals and anarchists have anything to do with real guns.

Here is an airsoft AR15

Poser! Where is the AK and M16 doing damage? Huh? :naughty:
Very Nice photo rack. Most people screw up snow shots. :thumb: That or that Nikon CoolpixS3000 treats you really good. :smirk:

I worked hard to get the settings just right for that pic, had to study the owners manual for hours!! I waited until the perfect moment when the sun and clouds were perfectly aligned. And then at the precise moment of perfectness (is that a word :noidea:) SNAP, and I provide DBA with the most perfect picture.

However, that picture still remains a distant second to my fellow photographer/dirtbike riding friend timoyz. The following pic snapped by timoyz a while back remains the all time "perfect pic"