All RIDE WITH A PRO - Round 3 of the Fasst Co. Checkpoint Enduro Championship


The Western Enduro Promoters Group is proud to announce the brand new "RIDE WITH A PRO" Program!

For 2011 the WEPG is focusing on the "New Rider". Through out the history of Enduro riding the sport has moved further and further away from the "Newbie". Events are getting tougher and tougher and there are less and less people out there that are willing or able to help the new riders. Ridership in turn suffers and eventually we see the numbers at each event dwindling.

Along with the New Family Enduro Series to get new riders involved the WEPG is also pioneering the "RIDE WITH A PRO" Program. The purpose of the program is to get someone who has little to no experiece riding enduros involved in the sport. What better way to introduce them to the eccentricities of Enduro riding the its top riders?!

For the second instalment of "RIDE WITH A PRO" Nick Burson has picked up where the last Ride with a Pro (Ryan Kudla) has left off. He will take the winner of "RIDE WITH A PRO" under his wing and show them the ropes at the next round of the FASST COMPANY Checkpoint Enduro Championship hosted by Ventura County MC 05/15/11. As there is less time keeping for a Qualifier as there is for an Enduro we picked one of the fastest, most experienced Desert Racers, whom also frequents the VCMC Qualifier and finished 2nd overall at the 2009 Event.


This Events PRO - 05/15/11
Nick Burson - Minute 3

3-Time USDR PRO Champion

2-Time D37 Desert Overall Champion

2-Time D37 Desert Heavy Weight Champion

2-Time D37 Grand Prix Four Stroke / Heavy Weight Champion


Submit 1 paragraph answering 3 questions.
1.Who are you and how long have you been riding?
2.Why haven't you ridden an enduro in the past?
3.What do you hope to gain from "RIDING WITH A PRO!"?

you can submit paragraph via , on the Enduro Message Board or the Ride Chec Facebook.


The paragraph will be looked over by the entire Ride Chec board, a top 3 will be determined and posted then a winner will be decided by 05/11/11.


1 - Free Entry to The Ventura County MC Quali-FIRE - Hungry Valley SVRA
1 - Free Entry to Round 3 of the Family Enduro Series
1 - Proceless experiece to learn from the best!

PAST Ride with a PRO's

03/11/11 - Ryan Kudla