Recommend anything?

I'm looking for a dirt bike for both trail and road, recommend anything? Because I live in Ohio, it needs to be street legal. Perhaps there are more embedded/compact options too. Oh I'm 31 and 250lbs for bike size. Something that kind of looks like a crotch rocket.

I would want a bike with detachable lights, mirrors, etc. That street legal stuff isn't needed when I'm riding on trails. I'll worry about tires and noise later.


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That's a tough one.
There are quite a few enduro types that can handle a little road and a little dirt, but unfortunately it will be biased one way or the other.
You can make a good dirtbike, or you can make a good streetbike. I recommend one of each!

I don't know of any quick detach lighting kits, but I'm sure you won't notice them offroad. I don't.
Yamaha, KTM, and Honda make street legal enduros for states that allow it.
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Adventure bike is the closest your going to get to what you are looking for. Not really a crotch rocket look, but will do both well.

Some sample picks