Other rear tire

ok so its time to replace my rear tire AGAIN...i am seriously thinking about a trials tire...
what are the pros and cons of a TT?
are the DOT models any good?
which model do you guys like?
what specifically do you like about them?
how do they hold with mixed DS use? 20-30% street, 70-80% tough dirt use..

i think my front is chunking the side knobbies now and it is fairly new with decent tread still. it is a 952 dunlop { i know it is not street legal} why is tearing up so bad already?
Pirelli MT43 DOT trials tire. The thing is like cheating in the technical terrain. In the mud not so good. Super steep downhills are the tires weak point. I've only run a few miles on the pavement and it worked fine. I run about 10 to 11 psi and no pinch flats so far. I would not do extended high speed at 10psi. I have a feeling the tire would get hot and shed knobs.

It has been wearing very well. I have 600 to 700 miles or so on it and I feel it will make it to 2000 miles. I have never had a knobby last more than a 600 miles on my XR600. I've shredded a tire in a weekend on rocky trails.

I went with a DOT Pirelli kknobby front. Most Pirelli fronts are DOT.
I am in the process of making the 265 rear 18 inch and
already have the MT43 DOT trials tire for it, pan hard here in the summer.
I have a Dunlop TT, it works real well at 8-10 lbs. Braking is vague with them as they tend to lock up easier than a knobby. I cant say by experience, but when this TT started a few years ago guys said they would get hot and chunk knobs if ridden on the street, I never tested the concept. They do wear very well and grip real well too. I use the Maxxis inter knobby rears for everyday riding.
Yes on tire size. I went with the trials tire just to give it a try.

Pros of the Pirelli MT43 trials tire.

Unbelievable traction in the rocks and roots (looking forward to the summer when its dry and hard packed)
DOT rating

Cons of the tire.

Does not do well in the wet clay
Does not slide well into corners like a knobby.

So, I am looking forward to riding this tire this summer cuz in the slimmy winter mud it was terrible. I only have 2 rides on this tire.

you guys all running 4.00-18 on the rear?
down here in so cal, we dont get that much wet slimy stuff, mostly dry, hard, rocky, and dusty...i think i might try one now...71 bucks at motorcycle superstore.com
Im running the pirelli right now on my ktm. They do puncture easily so steer clear of cactus. but i really like the way they hook up. they're not amazing in mud but will do great in some rocky california desert. Ive put a little over 200 miles on mine and it still looks new. no chunking whatsoever.
I've found a good selection of them here.
Trials Tire
:blah:If anyone should be dragged out of the closet it's you. Don't ask, don't tell. I know, I know. When are you going to get smart and get one of these tires.