Yamaha Real Nice Used WR450F $2700

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I came across this bike from an acquaintance who bought it, crashed and let it sit.

I have since replaced all the scratched plastic replaced, new bars, new pipe, R/R'd all the plastic guards with carbon fiber. Added Acerbis Spyder F disc and handguards and a brand new Yuasa battery. R/R'd the oil and put engine ice in it.

There's not a blem on the wheels/spokes and still has stock tires in very good shape and all perfectly straight.

If I were to guess I'd say it has less than 250 miles on it (you can still see the lil squares on the front knobbies). I even put the stock grips back on it.

I went through the carb and jetted it, and I rode it once. Occassionally it will leak a bit from the overflow, but after riding it it stops, so I haven't doinked with it.

It's scarey fast and ready to go straight to the desert with nothing left to do to it. Just add gas....

The price is more than "right" for a better than like new bike. I'd keep it, but with two just like it (and six total) already in the garage, I need another bike like I need another hole in my head ( ...is what she says anyways).

It is currently registered (red stickered) and title is in hand.

Pick-up in Torrance with cash or PayPal only.

It's not perfect, but it's damn close.

The original plastic and guards come with it.

Twenty-seven hundred dollars. ($2700) $250 off for WR forum members.




PM me if interested.

- Robert
Good deal! It looks very clean. But why is it red sticker? I thought WR's are all green sticker:noidea:
What year?
Yea... It would look like an 05, because unless you look close, they don't look much different.

So unless the DMV issued the bike as an 03 in 05, and the manufacturer's tag was swapped out from an 05 to an 03, I'm betting the title is correct. ...but that's me.

To my best knowledge, the 03 (first WR450) and 04 were both red stickers (no CARB accessories).
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