Amatuer ready for the season?

Man its race season here in NJ alreadyand I haven't even washed my bike from my last ride back in oct-nov of 2010!

Normally by Jan I have everything ordered and sitting on the bench waiting for me... not this year... They are racing today at one of our local tracks and if I had everything it only takes a couple of hours to do it but geez.... I have no get up and go....

Here's what I do...
Fresh topend
fresh tires and tubes
all new fluids, suspension too new chain and sprockets
and usually new grips.

I used to send the Boingers out to FC but this year I'll just freshen up the oil and seals and let the local shop do my rear shock for me...... I don't have more than 30hrs on this topend so maybe I will get some practice in next week before I start ordering up parts...

... Just looked at my bike and other than it being dirty It doesnt need all the usual stuff.... Sprockets and chain are still good tires are 90%....

I guess I will just grease it and run it.....:thinking:
I'm damn ready! March 27th is the first race for me, I can't wait. I've been doing a ton of little things to get my bike ready to go in addition.


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I'm almost ready. :banana:

Still to do:
New clutch plates
Grease linkage and other things