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This has been past around over the last couple days. That is Sun's favorite curve. That is about 10mins from my work.
Cyclist for really lucky as it could have been much worse.

Yes, that is my hang out spot and one of my favorite curves, directly where this happened. I live 5 miles from this spot. This is tragic and was only a matter of time before it happened. It just goes to show rider fixation does happen and cycling/driving/ or riding The Snake on a weekend IS RISKY! These cyclists were very good, they were staying to the right side of the road. What a shame this happen to them out of all the riders. Im surprised it wasnt the guys 3 or 4 riders across the entire lane, hoggin the road like they do sometimes. THOSE guys that do that :rant: really, really piss me off in the canyons, expecting people to go around them and head-on with opposing traffic so they can chat with one another.

OK, rant over:busted:


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Wow! I guess they didnt need any of the stuff in the house. That was sort of cool to see thanks to them.
From what I gathered it was from a foreign TV show similar to Mythbusters and the house was slated for demo.