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i have a set that has all those parts... i could so make that. the set is cool tho.. its a sports car looking kinda like a firarri and when you move the shifter it engages the motor to open the hood or the door... it also has piston and engine pieces that actually work.

i had took it all apart cause i wanted to make a engine.

legos are so cool i still love em :lol:
you can see it here. they did extra stuff tho.


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Thinking of heading to Malibu tomorrow to watch it fly by...:thinking:
I'm still disappointed that I was never able to watch a shuttle launch. :(

Just listened to the ATC audio of NASA Astro 95 Heavy 747 (shuttle) landing at Houston. As a commercial pilot how often do you think you'll hear the tower say "United 1041 follow the shuttle on final". :lol::lol:
Lets get serous for a bit....watch this....please!! It is important to know our President. I think it is interesting and worth while to watch. Please do it before you vote!