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Probably my all-time favorite drummer. DT was a ginormous influence on me. Petrucci also one of my all-time favs of course. When practicing, Images and Words was my album (CD). I would sit in a closet and play those tracks fro 10-12 hours straight. I used to be able to play the whole 1st side, and then a couple on the other.
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Movies.....pffft. they ate dinner and had some free time. Also wearing full pajamas quilted blankets for bed:smirk::facepalm:
On our farm dinner time meant the day was half done. Eat then 2-3 more hours of cutting hay or bailing, maybe mend a roof or a door but usually topping off the water barrels and feeding the animals. You went to bed in the summertime sunburned, hot and restless. Best time of my life.