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your turn my kind sir
all I got was a little red x... :noidea: ... was it good?
Your Buddy, "Hugo Furst"... is he from Brazil and maybe of a little German descent? :smirk:

I will say that in my younger years (teens) when we'd gop up to the mountains and played in the snow with our tobbagans (sp?) it was like "huh, this looks steep enough, looks like you can go all the way down there where "those trees are"... emphasis / focus on the statement WHERE THOSE TREES ARE". it wasn't the thrill of the ride that made you pucker it was seeing THOSE TREES getting closer and closer and not being able to steer the frickin sled... that made you suck cotton :eek:
our cat has a fixation with the water coming out of the faucet... he feels the need to have a drink every time I go in there so I'll turn it on slightly so it drips, once he sticks his head under it I turn it on hard... now, if I flick water at him he freaks out but doing this, all he does is stand back, looks around like WTF happened, oh well, must be normal.... I'm still thirsty....shakes his head and goes back under. :loco: