Random Photos

:prof: fixed it for ya :smirk:

I've spent a lot of weekends in that cove, I may be in that picture.
Aw the good old days. Remember getting stuck in there all day!

No that's Copper Canyon where the cliffs are. The Sandbar it nuts too!

I've seen a lot of tity at both places! :banana:
Did someone say Sandbar?
Hey N-edge you need to put codes around the pic so you get this result
Nice lake house Edge :thumb:

So how about a view the other way? :devil:

James - I've got tons of pics I just don't get the whole upload to PB and then pasting them in here. It took me a ton of time trying to figure it out the first time I went on to PB and just gave up in frustration. And then last night when I tried to put that pic up I posted my whole account nstead. Good thing K-Rack and William were around to pul me out of the glue. :smirk: