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Somehow, I just don't think that is what it says.:smirk:
Sorry Dub-G, you're right - it was Cantonese. Thankfully, I speak it fluently as well. It says, "Hey girls, are you keeping your man up all night with your annoying snoring? Insert one of these patented Snore-B-Gones and immediately see the twinkle in your guy's eyes. He'll be well rested in the morning - we guarantee it!"

Translation services provided at no charge to forum ownership :thumb:
:lol::lol::lol: You are so full of shit and a funny fu**er too.:prof::hail: BTW, I never noticed your real names is the snatch.​
It's been a while since my crew called me The Snatch - in fact, I think the guys haven't called me that since I solo'd the Ho Chi Min trail and single handedly disabled several dozen VC battalions. As you know Dub-G, I really don't like to talk about the many, many accolades that I have received. In any event, the Fellers, in an effort to accommodate my humbleness, shortened my name to The Natch so as to not bring too much attention to the numerous heroic deeds that have marked my past. ........... :smirk: