Random Photos

I was nextto a guy on the freeway that lost his left front wheel...down to the rotor, sparks were a flyin all over the place...:shocked:
Happened to me too. Funniest thing EVER.

Black guy driving a nice Eclipse in the slow lane, with nice NEW RIMZZ DAWG. He was all swagged out, leaned back, one hand hanging over the steering wheel. His wheel flys off rolling infront of him and us, and a mini-van (which I like to imagine filled with a bunch of little soccer girls and a single soccer mom). Anyways...party van over there rolls over the wheel and jumps about 3 feet. Drives on like nothing happened. :lol: Meanwhile, we was riding beside swagged out guy and I was watching him, his facial expression and body position never changed...like not a damn thing happened as sparks were flying off the rotor.