Random Photos

image.jpg Friday morning at 11:00 from my house. I called my elderly friends (in their 70's) because it looked close to them. They didn't even know there was a fire. She stepped outside to this:
So, my son
Joseph and I hightailed it over to help them get out. That's the guest house and this is the house from the driveway at the street:image.jpg Nobody hurt, and Joe and I were able to help them get their buts out of there.
I was going to bring backup.
Lucky, I didn't need it, the male helicopters did the job and saved all the houses.
:drool: at the drone... i want one so bad

Actually it's not mine. My LAPD buddy sent that to me from his bedside. Said, "Hey Gary, if you need help puting out the fire, I'm just sitting around doing nothing." He is recovering from a badly sprained left and broken right ankle from casing a jump at Milestone. He races for the LAPD team, gets me TLD for 1/2 price and ex-marine in addition to one of the coolest cops I know, (besides John/Martin). He is Joe's adopted dad and hopefully will be his father-in-law if Joe ever grows the nuts to ask his daughter out on a real date. We have known the family for over 12 years, they used to live next door to my mom before she passed away.